300W Xenon Lamp

Filters for Solar Simulation

Computer Control


Luzchem’s CCP-SolSim2 is a fully computer controlled photoreactor providing solar simulating radiation in the UV and Visible regions using a powerful 300W ceramic xenon lamp and enclosed in a standard photoreactor cabinet. 

The CCP-SolSim2 illuminates a circle of approximately 6.0” in diameter which approximates the spectrum and intensity of the AM1.5 solar spectrum over the 280-850 nm range when used in the recommended illumination configuration. 

The custom software allows computer control of the lamp shutter and timed experiments. 

The CCP-SunSensor measures power relative to the AM1.5 spectrum and allows total power matching with AM1.5 over 3 different wavelength ranges. With Luzchem’s CCP-SolSim2, the lamp power is computer controlled, correcting for changes to the lamp output power that naturally occur as a lamp ages to ensure AM1.5 simulation is achieved.

Users should also anticipate variations in this range when using a new xenon lamp.   

  • Power at minimum:          ≈50% of AM1.5 
  • To achieve AM1.5              power setting ≈30%
  • Maximum achievable (new lamp, center) ≈1.5 times AM1.5


For standard ozone free solar simulation see Luzchem's SolSim2

Full Spectrum 300W Xenon Lamp.  Replacement part: XE300B-10F

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External: 18" wide, 13.75" deep and 26" high

Internal 12" wide, 12" deep and 8.5" high

Weight Approximate Net Weight 31 lbs / 14 kg
Power Rating 110 VAC/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz cycle, 6 Amps
Ships with North American-style power cable
Housing Material

External: Stainless Steel

Internal (chamber): Al 5052-H32 (aluminum alloy)

Ambient Temperature

Must be between 10ºC and 35ºC

Chamber Temperature

Maintained to 5-7ºC above room temperature

Humidity Must be between 0% and 95% (non-condensing)


Available Options

Photoreactor and EXPO Accessories
Portable Turntable Part Number LZC-TRN
Xenon Lamps
XE300B-10F Ozone Free 300W Xenon Lamp
Photoreactor Options
Installed Motordrive Part Number LZC-A
Installed Turntable Part Number LZC-C
Labware - Quartz and Pyrex
Quartz Flasks Quartz Erlynmeyer and Boiling Flasks
Quartz Test Tubes Luzchem Part Number Q-TUBES (10 ml Quartz Test Tubes)
Pyrex Supplies Pyrex Test Tubes

Standard Features

Photoreactor and EXPO Accessories
Safety Goggles Safety goggles (420nm cutoff) available individually or in a 5-pack
Xenon Lamps
LFP-XE_300 Discontinued: Focused Full UV 300 Watt Xenon Lamp
Photoreactor Features
Gas Inlet Bulkhead connector for gasses.
Hour Meter Standard on all photoreactors
Safe Exhaust For exhausting ozone from UVC and Xenon lamps