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Inclusion Criteria
Luzchem's experiments have been selected because they meet certain criteria. Most of them have been adapted from literature reports and proper credit is provided with the full text experiment. The following have been used as selection criteria:
  1. The experiments can be safely performed with trained students at the level given for each experiment. An admission pre-lab test is recommended
  2. All experiments can be carried out with UVA lamps. While not inocuous, these are the type of UV lamps least harmful to skin and eyes and they do not generate ozone. For detailed lamp specifications see Luzchem Exposure Standard: LES-UVA
  3. Most experiments can be completed in a single lab session.
  4. Experiments requiring 10 ml or less of sample and suitable for Pyrex test tubes are most useful in the undergraduate environment.
  5. Experiments requiring toxic or flammable gases are excluded.
  6. Experiments posing any biohazards are excluded.

Contributions from the community are considered for inclusion in Luzchem's website. The individual submitting them must be the copyright owner. Luzchem requires a signed permission to reproduce and distribute the submitted material, once initial approval for inclusion has been granted. Submissions must conform to the form of Luzchem's experiments, Luzchem reserves the right to edit submissions, add study questions and references.
Contributed experiments fall in three groups:
  1. Experiments developed by users of Luzchem photoreactors.
  2. Experiments developed in photoreactors from other manufacturers and tested and adapted at Luzchem to reflect exposure conditions in Luzchem photoreactors.
  3. Experiments developed in photoreactors from other manufacturers and not tested by Luzchem, or by users of Luzchem photoreactors. Luzchem will strive to change this group into groups 1 or 2, but some contributions may initially be posted in this form.

Accessibility. Luzchem provides the distribution of contributed experiments free, as a service to the community. Only contributions that do not seek financial profit are considered, Luzchem will make the abstract and the full experiment freely available. Only the "Instructors" section will be restricted to subscribers. This section includes answers to study questions and detailed information on suppliers for the chemicals needed.

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