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Inclusion Criteria
Welcome to the site
Luzchem has developed this educational site in order to share with the photochemistry and photobiology community its work on the development of a series of educational experiments and a safe, affordable photoreactor in which to perform the work. Many of these experiments have been adapted from the open literature. These experiments are suitable for the undergraduate curriculum, or as demonstrations in secondary schools. They include organic and inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, biology, environmental sciences and technology applications. Submission of contributed experiments for consideration is encouraged.

Now Online! Free Preview Experiment
Now available in the Free Preview area you can download the full contents of Experiment 2: Preparation of Benzopinacol via Photoreduction of Benzophenone in 2-Propanol. You can find the experiment click on the Free Preview Section button on the left.

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Choose one of the three login buttons on the left to enter our site. Everyone can log into the Free Preview, but a password is required to access the Subscribers areas. The Subscriber area is open to students and the Instructor area for teachers and supervisors.

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